Applications for contact and residence (now called "child arrangement orders") can be less predictable as a Judge may or may not want a report from CAFCASS etc.


However, because we operate on a fixed fee basis, after any initial conference we will give you a list of fees for the various types of hearing, so you will know in advance how much it may cost, and can therefore make a decision as to whether you want representation at that hearing or not.


The list of fees will be broken down into hearings of one hour or less, half a day or less, and a full day hearing. You will be charged by what the court's time estimate is, not how long the hearing actually takes.


We offer a fixed fee initial conference for £200 (inc VAT).  At this conference we will have considered any papers you provide to us in advance, and give you legal advice as to the next steps you should take and, if there is sufficient information available, what you could reasonably expect as an outcome.  We will then follow this up with a short written advice.

Call us on 0161 833 6000 to arrange a conference or representation, or click here to send us an email.