Divorce and separation calculator

Click here for a very useful calculator provided by the Government's Money Advice Service.

It is free and independent, and by providing it with a detailed breakdown of your finances you can explore various outcomes.


Below are a list of downloadable forms to help you start your case.


We are happy to complete the forms for you, but would suggest you try and fill them in yourself - it will only save you money if you can.


We also offer a "form checker" service, where we will check that you have completed your forms correctly, and advise you of any missing evidence that you may wish to provide.



Financial cases - general guidance
This document gives you an outline about how the courts will deal with your financial proceedings.
Financial cases - general guidance.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 197.8 KB
Form E
This is the main form you will need to fill in and submit for your first hearing in financial proceedings. You are able to type straight on to this form, then save and submit it to court.
Form E.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 581.2 KB
Form E - notes
These are notes to help and guide you fill in your Form E.
Form E - notes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 139.2 KB
Chronology template
You will be asked to submit a chronology. Here is a Word template that gives you the basic outline and prompts you to fill in some of the basic details. You may need to add further detail, but these documents are usually not lengthy, and should not be used to argue your case.
chronology template - doc.docx
Microsoft Word Document 13.9 KB
Schedule of assets
You will also be asked to provide a schedule of assets. This version is in Word format, and again prompts you for some of the main information you need to add. You will need to tailor it for your own case.
schedule_of_assets_template (1).doc
Microsoft Word Document 57.5 KB
Form H
This is an estimate of costs form that you are required to produce for each hearing.
Form H.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 187.3 KB

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