We offer a free half-hour phone consultation, so we can fully understand your case, and you can understand how direct access works.  We can also confirm our availability for any hearing you may have coming up.


Let us explain how having a fixed-fee barrister can work for you, and also tell you about possible ways to fund your case.

fixed fee direct access divorce barristers

Our fixed fees are as follows:

Financial cases with assets valued up to £300,000*

First Directions Appointment


Financial Dispute Resolution hearing


Final hearing (first day)

£350 ex VAT (£420 inc VAT)


£500 ex VAT (£600 inc VAT)


£750 ex VAT (£900 inc VAT)

Financial cases with assets valued from £300,000 to £600,000*

First Directions Appointment


Financial Dispute Resolution hearing


Final hearing (first day)

£500 ex VAT (£600 inc VAT)


£1000 ex VAT (£1200 inc VAT)


£1500 ex VAT (£1800 inc VAT)

The fee above includes all preparation, a conference at court of up to one hour, all negotiations and advocacy, the drafting of any orders (if required) and two hours round-trip travel to court.


*valuation of assets is the total of all assets owned by both parties, including the market value of all property (excluding any mortgages etc), the CETV of any pensions, the value of any savings, insurance policies, endowments etc.


Cases with assets greater than £600,000 or which involve analysis of company accounts or the final hearing of which may last longer than one day are by negotiation with our clerks.  Please contact them here or call 0161 833 6000 to discuss further.

We also offer the following as fixed fees:


Initial conference £200 (inc VAT)

In this conference we will consider all the papers you have provided in advance of our meeting.  We will then advise you on the best way forward, and also give you (if possible) an idea of what might be the likely outcome.


If you book us for an initial conference and a further hearing at the same time we will offer a discount off the total charge.  


Application for legal services costs order £550 (inc VAT)

If your ex has significant assets it may be possible to get an order for them to pay you money to fund your case.  We will represent you at a hearing to try and do this.  The fee is for representation only.  If you require us to draft the application then there would be an additional fee.  Travel in excess of 1 1/2 hours would incur an additional charge.


Fixed fee structure

After an initial conference we will provide a list of fees we would charge you for any hearing.  Because cases vary in size and complexity it is not possible to predict what these are until learning about your case, but the fees will be tailored to your individual circumstances.


Most importantly you will be able to judge how much your case may cost you before you even start.  One of the most important things about direct access is that it puts you in control of your legal bill.


Call us on 0161 833 6000 to arrange a conference or representation, or click here to send us an email.