divorce family disupute barristers in manchester

We are a group of practicing barristers in Manchester, committed to providing legal advice directly to the public at affordable prices.


By agreeing a fixed fee for a particular job we offer an alternative to solicitor's hourly billing rates.  This means your legal costs are in your control and there are no nasty surprises waiting for you in a final bill.


Why is a direct access barrister more cost effective?

Barristers are self-employed.  We share offices and do not directly employ anyone.  This means our overheads can be significantly lower than solicitors.


Also, because you are paying per job, there is no incentive for us to make the case more complicated than it is. There is also no incentive for us to engage in expensive correspondence with the other side.  Equally, whilst we would happily complete court forms for you, we would also charge you (as would a solicitor).  So why not have a look at our forms page and decide if you could fill them in yourself.